Quarantine is the best prevention against Covid 19

today we've a piece on morning routine while in quarantine. i do know this is often a crazy, weird and unforgettable time that we've got never seen and recover from before in our lives.

So today, i'm gonna tell show the way to stay slot in quarantine and kick-start your day in a very smart manner.

I am visiting tell you some morning habits that will keep you healthy even in quarantine. So let's get started!

1. Water

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The first thing that we should always just do after we get up is drink some water. a number of the advantages of doing that are as follows :

• It stabilizes your metabolism

You can drink lukewarm water or normal water that's all on you, but the thing is that studies prove that water within the morning fires up your metabolism.

• after you awaken, your body is dehydrated

After a sleep of eight to nine hours, our body gets dehydrated and it's sort of a fast of eight hours, so if you're not feeling thirsty, then even drink water because it hydrates your body.

• Our brain tissue is nothing but 75% water

When you are hydrated, your brain requires less fuel to think good and it feels good.

• It helps your body to flush out toxins

Studies have proven that drinkable within the morning helps in flushing out the toxins from our body.

2. Don't touch your phone


No! i'm not telling you to not touch your phone the entire day, i'm just telling to avoid your phone within the morning just after you come to life. i do know it's hard to avoid our mobile phones in quarantine as we don't have many options to pass our time.

I think most people out there check their phones just after they get up and it's normal, I mean this happens with all folks but we will avoid this because it results in the subsequent results:

• Increase anxiety and stress

When you rouse and check your phone, you're being hit with the new messages, emails, and direct messages and far other stuff that usually creates stress and anxiety within the mind.

• Grabs your attention

As you come to life, we'd like to feel the fresh morning vibes but rather than doing that we check our phones. We read our emails, messages, people's opinions and begin puzzling over that and it results in feel negative and disturb our mind's attention.

• you're distracted from your aim for the remainder of the day

Starting the day during this way leads to the loss of focus for the remainder of the day. in line with Dr. Nikole Benders-Hadi, "The information overload that hits [you] before you're fully awake interferes  along with your ability to prioritize tasks." Here is this article

3. Workout


I know most are not gym freak, but here, workout means giving a minimum of half-hour to your body so as to remain healthy. There are different forms of workout, i prefer strength training and plenty of guys out there like endurance training, what i'm trying to mention is we should always do some physical activity especially nowadays in quarantine because we are passing all our time on a bed or on the sofa. So, morning workout helps us to burn some calories which is so important for our body.

Some of the advantages of understanding within the morning are as follows:

• Increase focus

This is the simplest a part of doing exercise within the morning because it increases our focus and helps us to stay alert all day long.

• Better mood

You could actually feel this one if you are doing exercise within the morning. It helps you to begin your day on a positive note and you may also feel a way of accomplishment which could be a plus point.

• Smart and healthier food choices

Those those who do exercise within the morning have a option to start their day on a healthy note. they will eat a healthy meal after a workout which increases their energy and immunity.

4. Analyze your plans for the remainder of the day

Plan analysis

So, you awoke, you drunk some water, you avoided our cell phones and that we have found out also. Now it is time to create the plans for the full day and analyze how you're spending the day.

I know this can be quarantine days but it does not imply that we spent our time laying down on the bed and watching movies. we are able to learn new things, make some new strategies for our work.

We should make our TO- DO's super clear because it helps us to be a much better person each and each day.

So that's it guys, these are some tips within which I told you ways to remain healthy and focused especially in quarantine. I hope you found it beneficial.