What Do You STRIVE For, And Why?

What Do You STRIVE For, And Why?

 Although, perhaps, it's the foremost important thing, any of us, might possibly do, few individuals, consistently, proceed forward, in an introspective way, and provides ourselves, a sensible, check - up, from the neck - up! If, we hope to become, the simplest we are able to be, it's essential to perceive and ideate, create, and emphasize, having meaningful goals, pursuing them, proactively, and considering which options, and alternatives, might, be best, for you, and proceeding to, STRIVE for them! How, and what one seeks, and is prepared, willing, and able, to place forth an elevated degree of effort, and emphasis, on, and towards, and knowing/ understanding, why this matters (to you, personally), is a vital, first step! thereupon in mind, this text will try and, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, wh
at this suggests and represents, and why it matters.

1. Solutions; system; strengths/ stronger; service: it is vital to spot, both, your personal strengths, moreover as weaknesses, and use every area of strength, to become stronger, and better, while addressing areas of weakness! One must seek solutions, and develop, a private system, which is smart to you, and serves your best interests, in both the shorter, and longer - term!

2. Tastes; tendencies; tenacious; try: Are you willing to undertake, with maximum efforts, to become better, and stronger? It takes a tenacious attitude, which addresses, your personal tendencies, and understands your tastes, and reasoning!

3. Relevant; realistic; rationale; relationships: Avoid the tendency to, either, delude yourself, or minimize potential ramifications! It serves your best interests, to proceed, in a very realistic, and relevant way, examine your rationale, and determine if your existing relationships, are positive, and/ or, productive!

4. Integrity; ideas; ideals/ ideology; imagination; innovate: Only, when one proceeds, consistently, with absolute integrity, and avoids short - cuts, even, when a path - of - least - resistance, is also simpler (in the short - term), will he proceed, with a well - developed, imagination, and a willingness to innovate, instead of settling for the identical - old, same - old, approaches, etc! Strive to align your ideas, with genuine ideals, and learn to know, your personal reasoning, reasons, and ideology!

5. Vision; views; values; valuable: Is your vision, truly, valuable, to you, and what you would like, out - of - life? Examine, and consider, how you identify, your views, and whether, you fully understand, your personal values!

6. Excellence; efforts; enrich; expertise; expectations: Will you demand your utmost degree of non-public excellence, and align, your efforts, towards enriching, as many aspects, of your life, as possible? Will you learn from everything you hear, and knowledge, so as to realize the expertise, to proceed, with more judgment, and, hopefully, greater wisdom? Examine your expectations, and, know, what you, really, want, out, of life!

What does one STRIVE for, and why? Will your attitude, aptitude, efforts, and actions, serve your best interests?

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